The 10 Service Metrics that Matter

There are many different service metrics which you can track in Autotask. But there are ten that you should track which measure the quantity and quality of your service delivery. The “Metrics That Matter” screen provides you an at-a-glance view of the health of service desk.

The “Metrics That Matter” screen provides 10 metrics about your service volume and quality. You can see the metric values for each of the last 3 weeks and a quick indication of which missed their target. Sparkline charts shows you how your metric has been trend over the past 10 weeks and whether they met/missed your targets.

You can change your workbook to present different metrics, but our default top 10 include ….

  • Opening Balance

    The weekly opening backlog provides an indication of the amount of work waiting to be addressed. You need to monitor the outstanding backlog to ensure it does not grow beyond your ability to respond.

  • Backlog Over 30 days

    All service backlog is not the same. You need to track the aging backlog to ensure there are not tickets that have fallen through the cracks.

  • Tickets Opened

    Is the volume of tickets increasing beyond your ability to handle? It’s good practice to set a new ticket threshold to monitor.

  • Tickets Completed

    Are you focused on addressing and completing your service tickets? There can be many reasons why tickets do not get completed. But at the end of the day – you want to know if you are closing your target number.

  • Added to Backlog

    You need to watch the net changes to your backlog. Are you controlling and driving the outstanding backlog down? Is the backlog growing? Small changes in backlog is expected but consistent or large changes need to be addressed.

  • % of First Responses Met

    Clients expect to get a reasonable response to their requests. Are you responding according to your SLA?

  • Avg Elapsed Time to Respond

    What is your target for responding to a ticket? Do you know on average how long it takes to respond to a submitted ticket?

  • % of Resolution Met

    It’s important to your business to resolve tickets as quickly as possible. You can measure and monitor your ability to resolve tickets with SLAs. As you hit your internal targets, you can continually improve your process and refine your targets.

  • Avg Elapsed Time to Resolve

    How long does it take to resolve tickets? On average, are you meeting your goals or are tickets taking longer and longer to resolve?

  • Avg Survey Score

    What are customers telling you through their survey scores? Survey scores are a great indication of overall customer happiness or the existence of service delivery issues. Tracking your average survey score against a goal is key to your success.

What are some service metrics that you track?

I would love to hear from you.

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