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I am always excited to find new ways to introduce analytics to my role in Product Management. I spent three days at the “Pragmatic Marketing Course” in Boston last week. Pragmatic Marketing provides a framework to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market. They teach the process for building and marketing products that people want to buy.


I attended three of their courses: Build, Market and Launch. One of my favorite phrases from the course is “you’re opinion while interesting is irrelevant”. Everything you plan and implement for your products should be based on market data.

The Build Course

The “Build” course teaches how to prioritize requirements and plan releases based on market facts. Teams that understand user personas and their problems build remarkable products.

My key takeaways were to:

  • Build fact-based user personas
  • Use market data to set priorities
  • Get feedback early and often
  • Communicate

A persona is a profile of a typical user of your product. There may be many personas for a product (ie. Service tech, Service Manager, CEO, Sales Manager, etc). When writing requirements, you need to define problems from the persona’s point of view.

One issue that I sometimes experience is the tendency to add specification details on how to address the problem in my requirements. It became clear that it’s important to keep those documents (requirements and specifications) separate. On a positive side, we have a stronger prioritization process than was outlined in the course. But to be fair, the instructor did indicate they were outlining a simplified process.

The Launch Course

The “Launch” course teaches how to elevate product and marketing launches by creating marketing programs and providing sales with the tools and training they need. They taught how to execute successful launches that align the company around the correct strategy.

My key takeaways were:

  • Executive should reflect strategy
  • Tactics should connect with programs to achieve your goals
  • Provide effective sales enablement
  • Always measure the impact

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