Project Excel Dashboards – What should we include?

I’ve been working on the Project Workbook as we finished the release of Financials.

This new project workbook will follow much of the flow of the service workbook ( Metrics That Matter, Trending and Explore Screens. I’ll be be adding the new Gauges as well.

Here are some of the sections:

Project Activity Trends

Similar to the Service Workbook, it’s helpful to see the trend of activity. A trend of the “New. Completed and Opening Backlog” of tasks is a good indication of volume. But unlike service tickets, the backlog of the of tasks can be less important than the estimated work involved over specified timeframe.

That’s why a trend chart like the “Estimated Hours” chart (above) for tasks due in the next 7, 14, 30 and over 30 days can help. In the below chart, we see that on the week of 1/12 there was a massive increase in the estimated hours for tasks due over 30 days.

The “New, Completed and Opening Estimated Hours” shows us changes in the amount of outstanding work remaining on active projects.

These are a few examples of the ways to monitor activity.

Financial Excel Dashboards are being released today

Sound the trumpets! Raise the Autotask flag! We are sending the emails with the Financial Workbooks to clients today.

The financial workbook providing a portfolio of financial trend charts, new financial gauges and three separate explore screens to drill into renenue, cost of goods, margins and utilization.

You can get an overview of the workbook by Clicking Here.

We also have a full tutorial beginning with our Tutorial on Configuration Setup.

Thanks for your interest in the Financial Workbook and thanks for using Autotask.

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Friday Coffee with Autotask: Introducing New Financial Dashboards!

Top Service Providers are using business analytics to make fact-based decisions and grow their business.

Following in the footsteps of our previously released Service, Sales and Client dashboards we are excited to present a new tool specifically targeted towards your financials.

Grab a cup of coffee and take 30 minutes with Director of Product Management, Joe Rourke as he discusses the thought process behind the new dashboards & gives a live demonstration.

Join us if you have any of these questions about your business:

  • What percentage of revenue comes from managed services?
  • Which customers are we losing money on?
  • Is our revenue on plan for the year?
  • Are we prepared for seasonality in our business?
  • Who was our highest billing technician?
  • How are our technicians spending their time?
  • What are the financial performance metrics that matter?
Date: March 14, 2014
Time: 11:00 A.M. (EST)
Event: Friday Coffee with Autotask: Introducing New Financial Dashboards!
Topic: Introducing New Financial Dashboards! (register here)
Public: Private

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CEO of Apple, Tim Cook

Excel is an Awesome Business Intelligence Tool

This is how I like to spend my time – with my 5-year old son Matthew. He loves Tee-ball and his favorite word is AWESOME. He hits the ball and runs the bases (Awesome), playing miniature golf (Awesome), in our backyard picking up sticks (sticks are totally Awesome).

Everything is still so new to Matthew – he sees the awesome in what we often see as ordinary.

I think that technology is awesome. Tools like Google, Webex and WordPress are just amazing – and we have access from anywhere via mobile.

There is one program that I think is really exceptional …

Visibility Drives Accountability: Linking your Excel dashboards to Powerpoint

Our performance dashboards contain a wealth of information for managers that drive insights. We have seen how visibility can drive accountability. But you probably don’t want to share all the data in the workbooks with your team. The best tool for presenting the performance dashboard charts turns out to be excel.

Check out this quick video showing you how you can easily link charts and tables from any workbook to powerpoint.

How to Configure the Metrics That Matter on Service Excel Dashboards

The Service Metrics That Matter screen comes with 10 defaulted service displaying quantitative and qualitative metrics ( backlog, new tickets, survey scores, etc). In the following video, I step through the process on how you can update the Metrics to show what’s most important to you.

Autotask Excel Dashboards – Check your business vitals [Video]

My wife Joanne is a Nurse Practitioner. If you were to visit her office, the first thing they would do is check your vitals.

I’m not a doctor but take a deep breath because there are some business vitals that you should be monitoring every day. If you aren’t then you are putting the health of your business at risk.

Here are some of the vitals you should monitor:

  • Backlog of Open Tickets

    Are the number of open tickets growing? Is the number getting beyond the threshold that you can respond to effectively? At what point do you add more effort?

  • Aged Backlog of Open Tickets

    Are the number of tickets open for over 10, 15 or 30 days been growing? Are your customers concerned that their service requests are not being closed?

  • First Response

    Are you getting better or worse at first response to tickets? What is your average first response time? How many tickets have a response time greater than 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours?

What vitals do you think are most important to your business?