Smarter is Better

Fact-based decision making is one of the key drivers to business success.

  • The Problem: Lack of Time

    Gathering facts takes a lot of time. Data analysis is the last thing anyone wants to do, there is always something more urgent to work on, and you never know if the analysis is going to drive a valuable insight.

  • The Answer: Performance Dashboards

    Performance dashboards present historical data trends which allows you to see what’s happened in the past and the trending into the future.


Autotask Performance Dashboards

The Autotask Performance Dashboards are a portfolio of workbooks driving insights for service, sales, client and financials.

Six unique strengths of workbook:

  • Full Visibility through a portfolio of over 150 graphs selected to drive insights
  • Easily analyze your business data through our interactive explore screens
  • Instant accessibility, quick setup, fully configurable and customizable
  • Integrates easily to Powerpoint for great presentations
  • Access your data anywhere via your mobile device