Financial Tutorial – Metrics That Matter

The Financial Metrics That Matter gives you an at-a-glance view of how your financial metrics are performing for the month and year to date.


Watch this 16 minutes overview video that explains the metrics screen, shows you how to change the metrics and set your own plan targets.

Metrics That Matter Screen


The Metrics
The Metrics screen will present the actual and plan targets for up to 14 metrics which you can configure.

Out of the box, we have selected specific revenue, cost of goods and expense metrics that should give you a good feel for the health of your company.

Many IT Service Providers are interested in growing their recurring service business and to move up market to larger clients. We have provided metrics that track revenue from recurring contracts as well as clients generating larger monthly revenue.

Selecting Your Month

You can select any month from the current fiscal year with the month pull-down selector.

The Month and Year to Date

It’s often helpful to understand how well you are doing for a specific month as well as year to date. The Metrics screen shows you the selected month and plan as well as year to date cumulative values to the selected month.

We also display the next change between the current month and the previous month. This will show you specifically which metrics are headed in the correct direction. The screen included directional indicators to visually represent the direction.

Month Trend and Plan

In addition to the data for the selected month, the metrics screen shows the monthly trending for the year in a sparkline graph on the far right. There is also a met/missed bar graph which indicates which months hit or missed plan.

Customizing the Metrics to monitor

You can change the metrics to be displayed by modifying the Metrics That Matter section on the FinancialsCurrent tab. Our video walks through the process of selecting new metrics to watch.

Changing the Plan Targets

You can change the plan targets by modifying the targets in Metrics That Matter section on the FinancialsCurrent tab. The targets for each month can be manually modified in the cells starting in column AB. Our video walks through the process of changing targets.

What are your top Financial Metrics?

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