Financial Tutorial – Configuration Setup

It is super easy to setup the Financial Workbook. The entire confguration setup process should take under a minute.

Watch this overview video which explains the workbook setup process including report warehouse credentials, savings passwords and password protecting your workbook.

Workbook Setup


Your workbook credentials will have been emailed to you by our support department. Enter the credentials as provided into the workbook setup form and click the next button. In less than 1 minute, your workbook will be configured for your Autotask database, financial data will be downloaded and analysis/graphs will be ready for your review.

You can store the autotask credentials in a file named “wbsetup.txt” in the same directory as your workbooks. If this file exists, the workbook setup will retrieve the database server, database name and username from the first three lines of the file (line 1: database server, line 2: database name, line 3: user id). With this file in place, it will be easier to configure all future workbooks as you won’t need to enter those credentials.

Saving Your Password

You now have the option to save the password within the workbook via the “Workbook Setup” and “Refresh” forms. This makes refreshing much easier as you will not need to enter a password. However, the password will be stored in clear text with the data connection string. To protect your workbook, we suggest that you password protect the workbook (outlined in the video).

Additional Setup

There is an additional short video highlighting the options to store a company name, set the currency and change the fiscal month and year. (see the video linked in the right navigation)

Advanced Where Clauses

You can setup the workbook to download a subset of your financial information. You may want to only include or exclude certain contract types, accounts or resources. A separate video provides additional details.

Will you save the password in your workbook?

I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Financial Tutorial – Configuration Setup

  1. Our company has an urgent need to get our Financial workbook up and running. Is there any information or guide available on how the workbook graphs work and which fields need to be updated in order to make the information flow properly? Also, is there any information or guide available for importing our financial information into autotask?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Additional financial data for revenue, cost of goods or expenses can be entered tab labelled “financialscurrent” in the fields that are color coded with a green background. The autotask online help has documentation on each of the workbooks. You can search for “Performance Analytics Workbook” in online help or us the following link: