Financial Tutorial – Advanced Where Clause

Do you want to exclude data from your Autotask Financial Workbook? Maybe you only want to include certain contract type or categories. Maybe you don’t want utilization data for certain resources.

We provide an “Advanced Where Clause” that you can use to limit the data which is downloaded from the report data warehouse.

Watch this overview video to see who to use the Advanced Where Clauses.

Revenue and Cost data

You can limit data using the following fields:

  • WH_AT_RevenueCosts.Contract_Type_Name
  • WH_AT_RevenueCosts.Contract_Category_Name
  • WH_AT_RevenueCosts.Billing_Type
  • WH_AT_RevenueCosts.Account_Name
  • WH_AT_RevenueCosts.Contract_Name

Labor and Utilization

You can limit data using the following fields:

  • wh_resource.full_name
  • wh_allocation_code.allocation_code_name
  • wh_task_type.task_type_name

How will you use the Advanced Where Clause?

I would love to hear from you.

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