Financial Tutorial – Additional Setup Options

There are three additional setup options to further customize your financial workbook: company name, currency and fiscal year/month.

Watch this overview video to see who to leverage these three setup options.

Company Name

The company name field is used to personalize the front page of your workbook. Some users use the company name to further identify workbooks built for specific sales territories or teams.


All the financial data will be downloaded as it is stored in your Autotask system. With the currency setup option, you can change the currency labels on the graphs and workbook screens. Only the label is changed – there is no conversion calculations performed.

Fiscal Year and Month

You can change the current fiscal year and month with the selectors provided. All trend graphs and data analysis will be immediately updated to use the new starting month/year.

Does your fiscal year start on a month other than January?

I would love to hear from you.

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