Excel is an Awesome Business Intelligence Tool

This is how I like to spend my time – with my 5-year old son Matthew. He loves Tee-ball and his favorite word is AWESOME. He hits the ball and runs the bases (Awesome), playing miniature golf (Awesome), in our backyard picking up sticks (sticks are totally Awesome).

Everything is still so new to Matthew – he sees the awesome in what we often see as ordinary.

I think that technology is awesome. Tools like Google, Webex and WordPress are just amazing – and we have access from anywhere via mobile.

There is one program that I think is really exceptional …

Excel is an Awesome Business Intelligence Tool

Some people might view Excel as just a spreadsheet program. It’s really a powerful business intelligence tool.

As I built out our performance dashboards, I was just amazed at the unfolding depth of capabilities which Excel has just beneath that standard spreadsheet.

Some of those cool features included:

  • Slicers

    Slicers allow you to instantly filter graphical data to build really “cool” graphical explore screens.

  • Sparklines

    Sparklines allows you to add trending and mini-bar charts right next to your data. Our “Metrics That Matter” screen shows the last 10 week trending along with which weeks met plan.

  • Charts and Pivotcharts

    It is easy to build charts in Excel with an extensive list of chart types including new donut charts (and who doesn’t like donuts!). Pivotcharts can aggregate data based on standard time ranges/criteria or through slicer capabilities.

  • Excel Tables

    Excel tables make it so much easier to define calculations which reference column names rather than cell positions. It also allows the SUMIFS and COUNTIFS aggregation formulas to reference columns from other tables.

And the product is solid – it just works.

The 3 A’s of Awesome

I am a big fan of Ted Talks and one of my favorite talks is the “3 A’s of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha.

Neil uses the power of blogging to spread optimism about the awesome things that make life worth living. (It’s worth the 17 minutes if you haven’t seen it).

Spoiler Alert! One of the three A’s in Awesome is awareness.

I think awareness is the key to both business success and personal happiness.

Are you aware of all your business opportunities? What are your metrics that matter?

Workbooks drive Awareness

Fact-based decision-making is a key driver of your business success.

Workbooks will help transform your data into decisions. Each workbook includes a full portfolio of charts chosen to drive business insights. Our interactive explore screen allows you to analyze data to understand the reasons behind the trends.

Be on the look out for the Awesomeness around you. Workbooks are built on an awesome product (Excel) that provides visibility into your business.

Do you agree about the power of Awareness?

Do you think Excel can be a powerful business intelligence tool?

I would love to hear from you.

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