Client Excel Dashboard Version 1.2 Released

The new Client Workbook includes improved graph explanations, clearer configuration instructions and explore filters for create month.

The previous client workbook included an explanation for each graph that sometimes included a company metric. The company metric (like the day you receive the most tickets) was not the end client’s metric but an overall metric to compare against. Because there was confusion on the purpose of the metric, we decided to include both the end client and overall company metrics. We also enhanced the “Graph Explanations” tab so that you can choose whether to include these metrics via a pull-down selector in the “Select Explain Type” column.

We also improved the instructions on the configuration tab and added two new filters to the Explore tab:

  • Create Month
  • Close Month

You can use these filters to create a report that includes only tickets in a given month. (Please note: trend graphs will include data aggregated by week for the selected months).

We are always interested in how your using the client workbooks. Thanks!

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