Client Excel Dashboard is released. Thank you beta users!

Our Client Workbook went into a beta release in mid-September.
We use the beta period to detect and address any problems and make small improvements before going into General Release, . Thank you to all of our beta clients for their participation and feedback!

With the Client Workbook, you can create a 10 page Client PDF report which includes New Tickets, Closed Tickets, SLA and Survey, Contact and Configuration Item activity.

We got some great client feedback, fixed some issues and made some improvements…

Some great client feedback

Special thanks to two of our beta users: Luke Schneider from Medicine Bow Technologies and Paul Tomlinson of Mirus IT.

Luke provided us the most detailed feedback on the client workbooks and in some cases had identified how we could address the issue. He indicated that the client workbook was his favorite and the one he had been anxious to use. Based on the client workbook, he was planning to make some changes to his use of configuration items.

Paul provided a great review for the client workbook on his blog. He blog post Autotask Dashboards – Client Dashboards – WOW! gives an overview of the capabilities and how they plan to use them to attract new clients.

Items addressed from our beta

Here are the items addressed from the feedback in the beta period:

1. All charts are now sorted by the date of the week

There were several charts that relied on the sorting of the source ticket data. All charts now sort on the date.

Client Workbook Graph Sorting

Above was an example of a chart that was not sorted properly.

2. Do not display grouping for blanks (no value)

No longer display a blank group for technicians, contacts, configuration item types and queues assigned to a ticket.

Client Workbook Blank Data

This change affected the following charts:

  • Tickets By Top 5 Technicians
  • Tickets By Contact
  • Hours Workbed by Client
  • SLA First Response by Client
  • Survey Scores by Client
  • Survey Scores By Technician
  • Survey Scores By Queue
  • Tickets By Priority (Grouped by client)
  • Tickets By Source (Grouped by client)
  • Tickets By Issue Types (Grouped by Client)
  • Tickets By Configuration Item Type
  • Worked Hours by Configuration Item Type
  • SLA First Response By Config Item Type
  • SLA Resolution By Config Item Type

3. Do not display SLA or Survey data from None

We no longer include “None” info for SLA and Surveys. SLA and Surveys will only present Fail, Pass or Survey score.

Client Workbook None Selection

This change affected the following charts:

  • Tickets – SLA First Response
  • SLA First Response by Priority
  • Tickets – SLA Resolution
  • SLA Resolution by Priority
  • SLA Resolution by Client
  • Tickets – Survey Scores
  • Survey Scores By Client
  • Survey Scores by Issue Type
  • Survey Scores By Technician
  • Survey Scores By Queue
  • SLA First Response By Config Item Type
  • SLA Resolution By Config Item Type

4. Fixed the formatting for the SLA First Response chart

Client Workbook Beta SLA Fix

5. Fixed the formatting for Most Active Day/Time

We removed the number before the day of week which was used for sorting purposes on the day of week chart.

Ticket By Most Active Day/Time – removes the ordering number before the day

Client Workbook Beta Fixed DayTime

6. Added a ticket summary section to the explore screen

Client Workbook Beta New Summary

7. Chart Explanations are configurable

We added a new section “Graph Explanations” where you can configure the paragraph which appears below each graph as well as override the calculated metric.

Client Workbook Beta - Add Configurable Explanations

8. Added “Top Accounts” section

The Top Accounts section provides a list of the top 15 accounts by number of tickets and also be total worked hours. These graphs are filtered by all slicers (except the account one).

What’s Next

I am working to improve the date formatting on the client workbook. Since the excel pivot table does not provide weekly grouping, I presently create the start of week dates. In order to sort those dates, I choose to use the format YY-MM-DD. I’m presently looking for a means to provide an easier to read date format like MMM-DD ( Oct-08).

I’m also in the final stages of the financial workbook which we hope to go to beta on in the next couple of weeks. (Email me at if you want to be part of this beta. I’ll do my best to include everyone).

Over to you

What do you think of the client workbooks? How do you intend to use them? Do you need additional client graphs?

I would love to hear from you.

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