Visibility Drives Accountability: Linking your Excel dashboards to Powerpoint

Our performance dashboards contain a wealth of information for managers that drive insights. We have seen how visibility can drive accountability. But you probably don’t want to share all the data in the workbooks with your team. The best tool for presenting the performance dashboard charts turns out to be excel.

Check out this quick video showing you how you can easily link charts and tables from any workbook to powerpoint.

How to Configure the Metrics That Matter on Service Excel Dashboards

The Service Metrics That Matter screen comes with 10 defaulted service displaying quantitative and qualitative metrics ( backlog, new tickets, survey scores, etc). In the following video, I step through the process on how you can update the Metrics to show what’s most important to you.

Save your Autotask Excel Dashboard password for easy refreshing

Rather than being prompted for your password with each refresh, you can save your Autotask workbook password within the workbook. (Note: you should always keep the workbook secure and password protected to prevent unwanted access to your data).

To save your passwords for the service and sales workbooks, follow these steps:

Turbo-charge your excel dashboards to gain better insights [Webinar]

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Do you want to fine tune your workbooks to deliver your metrics that matter?

The Autotask Workbooks provide a full portfolio of trend charts, explore capability for easy analytics and the metrics that matter. They also include multiple configuration options to adjust the metrics which get displayed.

Join us for a fast-paced overview of some of the simple modifications you can make to the service and sales workbooks. Grab a cup of coffee and take 45 minutes with Autotasks Joe Rourke. He’ll demonstrate how to customize workbooks.

Configure trend chart criteria on Autotask Excel Dashboard

Your trend charts display the data for the top 10 segments in areas like queues, ticket issue types, sub-issue types, etc. You can configure trend chart criteria on Autotask workbooks on the ticket analysis tab to display different data. You can also change the ranges to be used for distribution graphs like survey, hours worked, etc.

The following video provides a quick overview of the configuration capabilities:

Exclude data from your Autotask Service Excel Dashboard

Our Service Workbooks include all active tickets over the last 10 weeks as well as all open tickets. Do you want to exclude data from your Autotask Service Workbook that is not related to your ticket performance? We provide an “Advanced Where Clause” that you can use to limit your data. Examples of tickets to exclude might be queues of recurring tickets, ticket type of sales, etc.

Here are the steps and the syntax used for filtering: