Autotask Excel Dashboards – Check your business vitals [Video]

My wife Joanne is a Nurse Practitioner. If you were to visit her office, the first thing they would do is check your vitals.

I’m not a doctor but take a deep breath because there are some business vitals that you should be monitoring every day. If you aren’t then you are putting the health of your business at risk.

Here are some of the vitals you should monitor:

  • Backlog of Open Tickets

    Are the number of open tickets growing? Is the number getting beyond the threshold that you can respond to effectively? At what point do you add more effort?

  • Aged Backlog of Open Tickets

    Are the number of tickets open for over 10, 15 or 30 days been growing? Are your customers concerned that their service requests are not being closed?

  • First Response

    Are you getting better or worse at first response to tickets? What is your average first response time? How many tickets have a response time greater than 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours?

What vitals do you think are most important to your business?

I would love to hear from you.

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