Autotask Wallboards: Visibility Drives Accountability

Do you ever walk through your service or sales office and wonder “What’s happening in my business right now?” The staff may look very busy but are they aligned, motivated and accountable?

You don’t need to rent a billboard to get your employees attention.

Wallboards are mounted plasma screens on the wall which display our dashboards of the key metrics that matter to your business. The visibility of the public wallboards motivates employees, elevates problems to the entire team and drives accountability.

Why use Autotask wallboards?

Visibility drives accountability!

The simple step of making your business data visible to your employees will have immediate results. Everyone knows what is important to your business – and everyone is in alignment.

Autotask Wallboards can address the following business issues:

  • Lack of Accountability

    The visibility of the wallboards drives employee accountability. Everyone can see who are the performers.

  • Poor Communication

    The visibility of wallboards will communicate to everyone the items which need to be focused on.

  • Non-Alignment

    The visibility of the wallboards drives the team into alignment.

  • Missed Commitments

    The visibility of the wallboards elevates commitments to the group.

Autotask Wallboards also elevate your commitment to servicing your customers. Imagine your customer’s expression as they see a bank of wallboards in your service department.

When did wallboards become available?

Autotask Wallboards became available in March as part of the 2015.1 Release. Wallboards are accessible with the new user license type of “Dashboard User”. The “Dashboard User” type may have a license charge of $10/month. Premium and Ultimate contracts will include 3 free dashboard users. Please contact your Autotask account manager for more details.

Setting Up Wallboards is as easy as 1 .. 2 .. 3

1. Create a dashboard user

You will notice that there is a new security level for “Dashboard User”.

Resource Setup

When a resource is created with this security level, the logged resource will only have read-only access to dashboards published to them. When the dashboard user is first created, the dashboards will be blank.

2. Share and publish dashboards to the “Dashboard User”

Share an existing dashboard tab with the “Dashboard User” or create a new one to share.

Share a dashboard tab

3. Load your new Autotask Wallboard

You can now login to Autotask as the “Dashboard User”. Choose to put the screen into presentation mode in order to get a full-screen view on your wallboards.

Log in as dashboard user

Are you using Autotask Wallboards?

We would love to hear how you are using the new wallboards. What data are you publishing and what benefits are you seeing from the visibility? Please share thoughts in the comment area below.

Major thanks to those of you willing to share a screenshot of your wallboard.


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