Autotask Performance Dashboards 3.0

The Autotask Performance Dashboard suite will be undergoing an upgrade both in capabilities and visual presentation. The next versions of workbooks – to be released in the month of August – will be upgraded to the Autotask new UI look and have theme options.


All workbooks will also be upgraded with the UI improvements, a version update notification, improved refresh and enhanced security. Individual workbooks will be upgraded with gauges, additional ITIL support, additional slicing capabilities.

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New UI Look and Feel

I will be upgrade all of the screens to have a user interface that is more consistent with our new Autotask Operational Dashbaords. The configuration screen will allow selection of the theme and palette to use.


Improved Refreshing

The refresh process will be updated to use a form to enter your password once. You will have the option to save your password with the workbook.


Version Updates Notification

The refresh process will automatically check for updated versions of the workbook. The refresh screen will have a notification section to include these updates as well as other workbook related updates and hyperlinks.

Other Improvements

We will be updating workbooks to leverage some of the gauge capabilities introduced with our financial workbook.

The service workbooks will be updated to present trending for and have slicers for the new ITIL types ( problems and change orders ). We are looking for ways to update the data warehouse so we can increase the number of service weeks beyond 10.

That’s just the start of some of the changes.

Are there some items at the top of your list?

I would love to hear from you.

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