Autotask Excel Dashboards – Falling In Love

When I came across Paul Tomlinson’s blog post titled “Autotask Dashboards – Falling In Love”, I just needed to read more.

It’s a great post that you should read. I liked the post for three reasons.

  1. Paul outlines his top seven favorite features of the service workbooks and how he uses them in his business.
  2. Paul recommends that other Autotask users take a look at the dashboards for themselves. (that alway’s works)
  3. Paul knows the secret to any successful post starts with the title. Paul won my favorite blog title of the week!


You can read his full blog post by click here.

Here are his favorite features – tell us yours …

In his post, Paul outlines why these seven features are his favorites:

  • Weekly Timeline Bar
  • Day of the Week
  • SLA First Response
  • SLA Average Time to Respond
  • Avg Survey Score
  • Metrics Sheet
  • PowerPoint Integration
    • I was glad to hear that the Powerpoint integration made his top seven. Although it’s not a feature that we developed, one of the reasons that Excel is a good choice for performance dashboards is the ease of integration with Powerpoint.

      What’s a feature that you’ve found helpful in your organization?

I would love to hear from you.

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